quietly killin' it vol. 1 -- BeatmakerKelz

Written by Michael C. LaCroix — Kind Beats.


I first discovered BeatMakerKelz on Soundcloud when I came across his collaboration with Korey Wade and I was  immediately drawn to his style.  His ability to chop samples and provide simple yet groovy drum beats behind  is reminiscent of genre front runners Guggenz  and Flamingosis.  But the BeatMaker goes one step further and also brings a series of original experimental trap beats that give the listener a whole now outlook on what he is truly capable of.  Through pulsing rhythms and intricate synth design, BeatMakerKelz is a producer making a name for himself through excellence in each track he releases. 

When I asked Kelz what got him into making beats, his response was one of the most original answers to the questions I’ve heard.  At first he was inspired by turntablism, listening to genres that varied from punk, to jazz, and eventually at the age of thirteen was introduced to hip-hop.  Eventually acquiring his own turntables, Kelz said, “It was love ever since.”  He also notes that one of his favorite games was DJQBert for PS2.  “It was basically the producers Guitar Hero.”  Kelz notes “You could remix pre-existing songs, make beats, and add synths, scratch lines, and bass lines”.  At this point in the interview I knew that Kelz had a healthy history of music in his pallet, and his productions show it in a formidable dominance of the multifaceted genre that is “Electronic Music.”

One of the trickiest things about producing beats is finding your sound.  There is so much music out there to listen to that it can be hard to find that certain music that inspires us, or what genre we should stick to in order to develop our brand.  This can often take years for producers to develop.  The question of “What type  of producer do I want to be?” is a constant question lingering in the artist’s mind.  Kelz solved that problem by deciding that he would not confine himself to the walls of just one genre, but rather explore those who have created before him and dive deep into creating his very own style of experimental trap music.  “Throughout my years of beatmaking I picked up a love for recording my own sounds in my daily life”.  Kelz takes these recordings and incorporates them into both his original and sampled works.  These self-recorded sounds give Kelz a distinguished sound that helps him to stand out amongst others, and lets the listener know they are listening to BeatMakerKelz.

As I first stated, I discovered BeatMakerKelz through his collaboration with one of my favorite producers Korey Wade.  Collaborations and how to approach them is an important skill to have when it comes to building long lasting relationships with fellow music makers.  No matter if you’re making beats, rock, or classical, knowing how to work with others is an important skill to master in order to become successful in the music industry.  Kelz says the trick is not to just bomb people with your tracks, and develop genuine relationships with those you care to work with.  “Nobody wants to be the guy who is sending his track to everyone and saying, “Hey listen to this”.”  Through being genuine and not to mention a good musician Kelz has had multiple collaborations and releases through some of SoundClouds best known labels and artists.

To add to his already stellar portfolio of beats, Kelz is also an excellent artist, hand drawing each of his designs and then putting them in Photoshop to add that final touch of color.  His recent release, “happiness” is an example of how he collaborates both his love for music and art, drawing the art work for many of his releases himself.  Having both a love for doodles and graphic design Kelz can reach into a deep portfolio to find that final touch to put the bow on each track he releases.

As Kelz continues his journey through both music and art he remains true to himself, and those that inspire him.Looking into the future Kelz sees only himself as his own limiter.With the urge to continue to create 2019 looks to hold great things for BeatMakerKelz. With multiple releases coming to a label near you, and continuing to build a following on both SoundCloud and Instagram, I am excited to see all of the creative efforts bear there fruit for this artist.For BeatMakerKelz art is something he will always take part in, whether its “popular” or not, his continued drive to create quality music is something to be noted. BeatMakerKelz is on the rise in 2019, be on the lookout.


Check out BeatMakerKelz on:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1BspiS7kfDiDGoJiwNhmfs

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/beatmakerkelz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beatmakerkelz/